The Ultimate Delta

Unveiled this week, at the beautifully curated Grand Basel Motor Show, was Lancia's legendary Delta Integrale, spectacularly reimagined by Italian coachbuilder Automobili Amos.

Using an original Delta chassis as a base, the body consists of new hand-beaten aluminium and carbon fibre panels, helping the Futurista, as it’s now called, weigh in at 1250kg – some 90kg less than the original car. The Integrale's engine has been completely updated with a custom water cooling system, air intake and exhaust, as well as a rebuilt differential and reinforced transmission. That results in a power output of around 330bhp. Inside retrimmed Recaro front seats and modern switchgear has been tastefully adapted to retain the look of the original. 

The stunning Automobili Amos Lancia Delta Futurista is limited to just 20 conversions. However, if Singer’s restomod model is anything to go by, that could just be the beginning for Automobili Amos. #makelanciagreatagain