Automotive Art Volume One by Bill Pack

Bill Pack is a professional photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia, with a lifelong love of automotive design. Car enthusiasts and collectors around the world know Pack’s images for their elegant feel, strong graphic lines and ability to capture the unique behaviour of light as it moves across a car's form.

For the first time this collection of Pack's work has been curated into a beautiful coffee table book. Designed to showcase the rich, black high-contrast images through the use of the square format that lends itself to wide dramatic images as they extend across the spread. The full page crops accentuate each image’s beauty, emotion and detail. 

Created in two volumes, the first volume, Automotive Art Volume One, is part of a Kickstarter campaign by Bill Pack and V12 Enterprises which started this week. Volume Two is due towards the end of 2019. For more details click on the link below. Images courtesy of Bill Pack / V12 Enterprises.