The Lost Turbo Countach

The Lamborghini Countach was without doubt the poster car of the 1980s. A car that completely shocked the world and arguably the most iconic car of it’s time. The Countach stood as the ultimate symbol of success, excess and embodies everything insane about that decade. The 1980s also marked an incredible period for customising premium European cars. Bold designs, wheels, body kits and more emerged from tuning companies such as Koenig, RUF, Gemballa, AMG, Lorinser using Porsches, Mercedes, BMWs and even Ferraris as the original donors – but not the Countach. You could argue that it was wild enough and simply didn’t need to be tampered with.

This however is one of two very special Lamborghini Countachs that were modified by Max Bobnar. Bobnar was very involved with the Lamborghini factory and was the Swiss Lamborghini distributor. In the early 1980s Bobnar built two prototype twin turbo Countach examples, a metallic red ‘Low Body’ LP400 S and a sinister black 5000S. The black car currently resides in a collection in Germany and this, the red car, has just been unearthed by Curated, a specialist in classic supercars, from a storage facility in Nevada.

Between 1980-1982 Bobnar had the car converted to twin turbo specification by engineer Franz Albert, painted a stunning metallic red, added very unique side skirts and red wheels, turbo graphics and finally a white interior. In this specification, the car was featured in numerous magazines and even as a toy model. With the exception of the Walter Wolf Countach cars, it might be one of the most iconic and well known modified Countach examples ever produced.

The people at Curated have now dedicated themselves to finding out more about the history of this special Lamborghini, so to read more and see what other rarities they have available, click on the link below. Images © Curated.