Lancia Stratos Zero by Oskar Kosinski

This stunning Lancia Stratos Zero has been created by automotive designer, photographer and CGI artist, Oskar Kosinski from Warsaw, Poland. Kosinski has beautifully recreated the car’s wedge-shaped body, finished in it’s distinctive orange paintwork.

The Lancia Stratos Zero preceded the Lancia Stratos HF prototype by 12 months and was first shown to the public at the Turin Motor Show in 1970. The futuristic bodywork was designed by Marcello Gandini, head designer at Bertone. The Lancia Stratos HF Zero was exhibited in Bertone's museum for many years before being sold at auction in 2011 for just over €750,000.

To see more of Kosinski’s work, click on the link below. Images ©Oskar Kosinski.