Shooting cars at Brooklands

Just over a month ago, I attended a car photography course at the Brooklands Motor Museum led by Jason Dodds. Jason is a professional car and commercial photographer who also lecturers at the University of Kent. A few times a year he runs a handful of photography workshops at Brooklands. 

Along with five other budding photographers, I got the chance to shoot an incredible selection of cars around the historic racing circuit and airfield. From classic Mustangs and Porsches to the very latest Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, BMW i8 and more. We were able to capture these cars in a variety of locations, from on top of the famous banking to the old garages of the paddock, even beneath the wings of Concorde which they also happen to have at the museum. 

So whether you’re an amateur photographer or a seasoned pro that would like the opportunity to shoot some spectacular cars in this amazing location, this one day course is a must and incredibly rewarding. For more information click on the links below. Photos: Kit Boothby © 2017.