1965 Ford GT40 Roadster Prototype

This GT40 is the first Roadster ever built. In October 1964, the bare roadster chassis was delivered by Abbey Panels to Ford Advanced Vehicles (FAV) in Slough from assembly. With only six roadsters ever being built, Ford was clearly experimenting to understand the market appeal and saleability of a GT40 Roadster. 

This example is the only roadster to continually survive in its original configuration, and one of the four GT40 Roadsters built using a steel chassis. A Ford 289 cubic inch engine was fitted with Weber carburettors mated to a Colotti four-speed gearbox. The bodywork displayed minor differences to the previous GT40 prototypes, including a new nose section and rear-pillar intakes that were taller than the standard beltline scoops. Borrani wire wheels were fitted with Goodyear tyres, and the bodywork was painted white.

This unique piece of Ford automotive history is available from Girardo & Co. Click on the link below for more information, including an incredibly detailed history and original photos with Jim Clark at the wheel.