Driven by German Design

A museum in Qatar has dedicated a new exhibition to the development of German design. More than 400 design ideas and examples created in Germany or developed by German designers from 1945 onward are the focus of this special exhibition. Visitors gain a deep insight into the work of around 30 designers whose work and ideas have had a particularly strong influence on the progression of both national and international design. The exhibition draws links between a wide range of disciplines, such as architecture, graphic design, product design, car design, fashiondesign and furniture design. By showcasing ground-breaking works by important and influential designers such as Frei Otto, Achim Menges, Christoph Niemann and Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the exhibition documents the development of design in Germany.

The Porsche Museum has contributed eight models to the collection: the 356 Keibl Cabriolet, the 959 aerodynamic concept car, the 918 RSR concept car, the 918 Rolling Chassis, the 911 2.0-l Coupé, the Panamericana concept car, the 718 RS 60 and a wooden skeleton model of the Type 64. The Mission E concept study, a seating buck with the interior of the new Cayenne and a clay model of the 911 in 1:3 scale will also be displayed.

The 'Driven by German Design' exhibition will run until January 14 in the Qatar Museum.