Morgan + Selfridges go back to the future

Both founded in 1909, Morgan and Selfridges are two iconic British brands that have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to collaborate. With Morgan about to launch their first zero-emission, all-electric car, the EV3, and Selfridges putting sustainability at the core of its business, the opportunity has finally arrived.

To make this collaboration truly unique, Morgan and Selfridges are creating a limited edition of the EV3, called UK 1909 Edition, blending Morgan’s legendary engineering know-how and iconic design with Selfridges’ famous flair for fashion. The result is a car that is a collector’s item as desirable and beautiful as a piece of art and as practical, comfortable and fast as a 21st century car with carbon neutral credentials should be. A triumph of style and function that honours Morgan’s celebrated craftsmanship, just 19 of the UK 1909 Editions will be built.

As part of the unique collaboration, Selfridges has enlisted nine British brands to produce a driving kit with sustainable accessories for the contemporary recreational motorsports man and woman. The kit is priced separately but can only be ordered with the car.

Some brands such as Alexander McQueen and Belstaff have found Britain-based artisans to manufacture their contributing accessory, to ensure all elements of the UK 1909 Edition, from the car to the driving kit, are exclusively handmade in the UK.