McLaren celebrates 50 years in Formula 1

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of McLaren’s first Formula 1 race, they have brought together the race car from the 1966 Monaco GP, the M2B, with a modern day McLaren 570S Coupé. The 570S features a distinctive livery which honours the M2B, with pure white paintwork highlighted by a central green stripe and silver edging

Every McLaren road car benefits from its Formula 1 experience. Trace their history back 50 years and you’ll find McLaren’s first Formula 1 car, the M2B. Follow the narrative to the present day and you arrive at the new McLaren 570S Coupe, the first Sport Series model with its carbon fibre MonoCell II, carbon-ceramic brakes and Brake Steer technology all derived from the pinnacle of motorsport. Fifty years after the M2B made its debut at Monaco, the 570S echoes the drive for innovation that McLaren has always stood for. You can read more about both of these cars at the link below.