Lamborghini Countach by Benedict Radcliffe

As perhaps the most iconic supercar of the 1980s, the Lamborghini Countach was often considered to be the most ridiculous automotive design in a decade known for pushing the limits of fashion. This Lamborghini 'Koenig’ Countach sculpture, made of 10-millimetre steel rods and painted in striking Fluoro orange, was crafted by Benedict Radcliffe, and it is nothing short of extraordinary. Radcliffe is well-known for doing similar works with steel rods, including the creation of several full-size automobile sculptures, but there is only one Countach. 

The sculpture was displayed on the streets of London shortly after its completion, and it arguably received more attention than a real Countach would have if parked in the same location. The attention to detail put into the sculpture is incredible, and all of its angles and curves perfectly mimic those of the real car, down to the inscription of 'Pirelli P7' on the tyres. Its orange paint only helps to highlight the Countach’s distinctive sharp angles, and it shows off all the best aspects of a shape that captivated a generation. Images courtesy of RM Sotheby's.