The Return of De Tomaso

This year marks the 60th Anniversary of De Tomaso, and what better way to commemorate that than with the launch of a new model. The P72 is a tribute to the original P70 from 1970 and sees the return of the De Tomaso name to the list of supercar manufacturers, where it rightly belongs.

The design of the P72 is inspired from the early 60s of the racing prototype era vehicles, the Sport 1000, Sport 2000 and P70, some of the initial cars that were developed by De Tomaso.


The P72’s evolutionary design focuses on timeless beauty and timeless proportions of the ’60’s Le Mans prototype vehicles into the modern era. The P72 is a collaboration between De Tomaso and Wyn Design, much like the collaboration between Alejandro de Tomaso and Carroll Shelby for the original P70.

With continuous flow of all surfaces, beautifully bold lines, emphasised powerful wheel arches, low nose and teardrop glasshouse architecture, resulting in perfect proportions. The P72 design language is set to stand the test of time with flawless attention to detail, combined with the most advanced engineering execution. Unquestionably powerful and sensual from every angle, the P72 truly defines the term ‘Modern-Day Time Machine’.


The P72 is based on the state-of-the-art all-carbon chassis from the Apollo IE, featuring the first all-carbon fibre production chassis of its kind, consisting of the monocoque, as well as subframes and crash structures that adhere to respective FIA LMP safety requirements and features a carbon mono-cell. A similar approach to what Alejandro had done with his state-of-the-art chassis by sharing it with the Vallelunga, P70 and Mangusta. By conducting a technology transfer from the Apollo IE, the P72 has a tested and proven platform which will ensure the highest level of quality and performance with an accelerated development timeline.


The P72 will remain highly exclusive with only 72 cars being produced. Photos by G.F. Willams and the 60th Anniversary posters co-created in collaboration with the Automobilist.