Mark Hawwa’s Mazda RX-7

Mark Hawwa is a man who rarely needs an introduction, he founded the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in 2012 and in the years since it’s has grown to cover 585 cities across 93 countries with close to 100,000 riders and many millions of dollars raised for men’s health issues including prostate cancer and men’s mental health.

Although Mark is best known for his work in the motorcycle world, he’s also a passionate car guy, with a small, eclectic collection that includes a modified Mazda RX-7 (shown here), and a beautifully preserved Lotus Europa S1.

Mark’s RX-7 is a 1983 model now fitted with a rebuilt 13B rotary fitted with a GCG T35 turbocharger running 14 lbs of boost and an air-to-air intercooler. Engine management is taken care of by a Motec ECU running Bosch injectors and a Tune Flex able to run E85 or 98 octane fuel.

In its current configuration the car is putting out 400 hp at the rear wheels, this was far too much for the original differential and axle so Mark’s car has a Toyota Hilux rear axle that can get the power to the wheels without grenading itself in the process.

BC racing suspension is used and the car is fitted with an S5 gearbox, and a Group C bodykit similar to that used on the now legendary Allan Moffat car raced in Australia in-period. The car has Techno Toy control arms, tension, and lateral rods, as well as Nitto NT01 semi slick tires and Compomotive wheels.

The car is currently wearing its InFast livery for the InFast Rally, a private endurance rally that is strictly invitation only and takes place annually in Australia – typically covering over 2,000 miles in 7 days.

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