Curated by Colour

Later this month, Porsche enthusiasts from all over the world will gather in the picturesque grounds of the Donington Hall estate in Leicestershire to see some of the finest motorsport-inspired Porsches together in one place, for the very first time.

The inaugural Rennsport Collective event will be a true celebration of Porsche Motorsport, with a uniquely curated collection of rare and sought-after road and race cars on display and driving the parade circuit.

The Rennsport Collective is an exclusive group of Porsche enthusiasts who are owners of motorsport-inspired Porsches. The Collective aims to share its passion for Porsche Motorsport with fellow enthusiasts, and bring together some of the finest Porsches ever made in an environment that truly does them justice.


Open to the public, the event will give guests the opportunity to see one of the largest collections of motorsport-inspired Porsches ever brought together in the UK.

The collection will be curated by colour, not by car-type or time period. This will showcase the connections between cars from different eras and styles, brought together in a range of complementary colour palettes. You may find a 991.2 GT2 RS road car in racing yellow alongside the yellow 911 S/T driven by Gerard Larrousse on the Tour de France to third place in 1970; next to the 1995 BPR World Championship winning 993 GT2.

A limited number of tickets are still available for the event on the 20th July 2019, for more details, click on the link below.