Petrolicious Drivers Meeting at Bicester Heritage

Four-thousand avid motoring enthusiasts journeyed to Bicester Heritage a couple of weeks ago to enjoy some spectacular wonders of the automotive world, right here in the UK. Renowned, Los Angeles-based online classic car publication Petrolicious chose to hold its first European event at the former RAF base following the success of another ‘Stateside’ export Luftgehkult held at Bicester Heritage last year.

Visitors were spoilt for choice across the site, with myriad motoring marvels too plentiful to list in full. The grounds of Bicester Heritage were curated with a carefully selected array of historic and modern vehicles, with many of racing’s most historic competitors in attendance, with the likes of the Audi Sport Quattro S1, Ford RS200 and a line-up of WRC Imprezas – including an ex-works Colin McRae car. Williams also brought along a vintage Marlboro F1 transporter with not one, but two Formula One cars - the championship-winning FW11B and the FW07.

Endurance Legends were celebrated with the likes of the Le Mans class winning Aston Martin DBR9 and astonishing Porsche 996 RSR, an Alpine Dynasty display drew great crowds with examples old and new of the recently revised marque, and 100 years of inimitable design house Zagato was marked in fitting style. A flock of Ferraris including 275 GTB, F40, F12 TDF and even the Mondial QV lined up by the hangars, while Alfa Avenue was a similar display of Italian flair. With gasser-style hot rods, a superb example of a Citroen XM and a Volvo 262C Bertone complete with Chevrolet V8 engine swap contained in close proximity.

Singer brought their test-mule for its ‘DLS’ Porsche 911, along with one of the car’s test-drivers – Marino Franchitti. Visitors were also able to experience screenings of Petrolicious films past and present, guest artwork and motoring interviews throughout the day.

Images: © Alex Lawrence / Bicester Heritage.