Luftgekühlt returns to LA

A few weeks ago, Luftgekühlt returned to the States for Luft 6. After a swift stopover in the UK and Germany last year, Luftgekühlt went back to its LA roots, this time choosing Hollywood as the venue for its latest gathering of air-cooled Porsches.

Jeff Zwart, Patrick Long and Howie Idelson (the latter two being the original Luft co-creators) again teamed up to create one of the most highly curated events the automotive world has ever seen. And this time the sets of some of the most iconic Hollywood movies were theirs to play with. The vintage petrol station from Back to the Future, for example, was converted into a period-correct Porsche service station, while the Western movie theatre in downtown New York had the event’s name and date emblazoned across its marquee.

The setting is only half of the magic, though. Award winning film director Zwart provides a hefty dose himself. From juxtaposing Paul Newman’s legendary 935 against a nondescript downtown metropolis, to placing a burnt orange 934 Turbo at the steps of a brown stone building, Pikes Peak legend Zwart is responsible for ensuring that the positioning of every car is judged to perfection.

With an estimated 4,000 people turning out for the meet, the Luftgekühlt community continues to go from strength to strength. Photos: © Porsche, Luftgekühlt, Keiron Berndt and Nevin Pontious.