A futuristic look at Formula 1's past masters

John Frye is an automotive designer based in South Pasadena, California and when he’s not working for Honda’s Research and Development facility, he’s creating these amazing driverless racing cars. Imagine if autonomous racing cars had been around in the 1960s and 70s, mix in a bit of sci-fi and chances are they would have looked like this.

These fantastical creations are a clear tribute to the likes of the Tyrrell P34, Brabham BT44, Ferrari 312T and Lotus 72, to name a few. Finally, to finish off these beautiful renders, they’ve been presented as a series of retro model kits, what’s not to love? Now we just need someone to make them!

To see more of Frye’s original work, click on the link below. Images © John Frye.