Shelby's Secret Weapon

In 1964, Carroll Shelby asked renowned fabricator John Ohlsen to lengthen the chassis of one of his six Daytona Coupes and to replace the 289 Ford engine with a NASCAR inspired big block. The experimental racecar was supposed to be Shelby's ‘secret weapon’ for the 1964 Le Mans race. One of the development drivers stated that the Cobra's tremendous torque allowed him to burn rubber and get sideways in any gear. He speculated that it could have topped 200 mph at Le Mans. Weighing about 1,000kgs with world class aerodynamics and the power of the big block, the car had tremendous performance potential. 

However, destiny intervened. The truck carrying the car to Le Mans was involved in an accident that damaged the Shelby too much to be repaired in time for the race. It never ran a lap in anger with the 427 engine and was returned to its original configuration by Shelby American.

This example is a continuation model of that big block Daytona Coupe. It follows the same specs as the Ohlsen modified race car from 1964. It features an all aluminium body that sits on a 3-inch lengthened chassis. Under the bonnet is a powerful aluminium 427 big block motor, which was supplied by the Shelby Engine Company. The powerful 550+ bhp engine is mated to a period-correct 4-speed manual gearbox. It’s available from Hillbank Motorsports in California for $495,000.