Bloated Motors by INK

Float your bloat with INK’s playful set of CGI animations, a homage to a trio of seventies British classics from a period of design that taste forgot: the Austin Allegro, Triumph TR7 and the Austin Princess. Despite their reputation as some of the worst cars ever made, there’s charm to be found in these underdogs of the car world. Love or hate them, these models symbolise an era of British car production, when automotive design was up in the air. 

The Austin Allegro, rendered in Sandglow, was nicknamed the ‘flying pig’ and the ‘all agro’ for its bloated looks, poor build quality and reputation for unreliability. 

The Triumph TR7, also known as the the ‘bullet’, in French Blue, was designed to represent the ‘shape of the future’ but its bullet-like shape turned out to be far from bulletproof.

Last but not least, the Princess rendered in Jade Green. Originally advertised as ‘the car that has got it all together’, it’s design nonetheless proved divisive, earning the nickname ‘the wedge’ for its angled and slanting panels.

INK have given these fruity characters a backdrop worthy of their vibrant personalities, inspired by British Leyland’s period paint schemes. Lovingly built in CGI, and using V-Ray’s physically-based rendering and simulation software, they explored simulation dynamics to give these bloated motors a realistic bloat. Images and animations courtesy of INK.