Ken Block + Death Spray Custom

Ken Block has once again collaborated with artist Death Spray Custom for his 2018 racing livery and driving suit designs. The overall package is an evolution of last season's 3D lightning bolt theme, but given a slight retro feel given the application to Block's classic Escort RS Cosworth, seen here. Block's suit, however, is a new, more intricate and detailed take on a concept by DSC done previously. A vascular system design that features hidden Hoonigan sayings like 'Tire Slayer,' 'Kill All Tires' and 'Ain't Care.'

The racing livery will be featured across three different vehicles – firstly the 90's Group A Escort RS Cosworth, at three rallies in the US; on a Fiesta RS WRC prepared by M-Sport, for WRC Spain; and finally on the Focus RS RX at selected rallycross events in the American and World Championships.