Mercury Revs

Helping revive Mercury’s racing program in the 1960s following the lift of the factory racing ban, race car builder Bill Stroppe prepared this Mercury for the 1964 NASCAR season in his Long Beach, California race shop. The Marauder was created to bolster Mercury division’s lackluster image and was one of the first Ford products designed with a wind-cheating fastback roof. This Marauder made its debut at the 1964 Daytona 500 driven by Darel Dieringer, who had handed Stroppe his first NASCAR win the previous season. 

This striking 1964 Mercury Marauder is part of a new exhibition at the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA. ‘Legends of Los Angeles’ features 12 of the most iconic race cars ever built in Southern California. Surrounded by a 180-degree panoramic video, the museum takes some of the rarest historic cars from land speed, drag, Indy, circle track and sports car racing back to the tracks that made them famous to create a fully immersive experience where visitors can see and hear the cars in action.