Magnus Walker

Magnus Walker is a fashion designer, car enthusiast – and owner of one of the world’s most unique collections of Porsches. He made his way from Sheffield to southern California after he dropped out of school in 1982. There he started out by selling self-designed punk fashion in Venice Beach.

His love for all things Porsche began in 1977 when he accompanied his father to the Earls Court Motor Show in London. It was here that he promptly fell in love with a 911 with red and blue stripes. Walker didn’t actually get his driver’s license until he was twenty-one. Four years later he bought his first 911 for $7,500. 

Today Walker’s collection of Porsches stand in a renovated warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. Over the years, his first 911 has been joined by dozens more, for a current total of around forty, he estimates. Most of them were found in appalling condition, fit for the scrapyard. With his typical blend of playfulness and unerring style, he turned them into spectacular one-of-a-kind items. Every one of them was an attempt to make his childhood dream of a perfect sports car come true. These cars are not stored and kept pristine, they were built to be driven, and driven hard. Source: Christophorus, No. 383. / Tobias Moorstedt. Photos: Alexander Babic.