McLaren's game-changing 720S

This is the new 720S and according to McLaren – it's lighter, faster and even more capable than its 650S predecessor. It has unparalleled levels of interior space and sophistication and a breadth and depth of abilities that will engage and exhilarate the driver. At first glance the 720S identifies as a bold reinterpretation of McLaren’s design language; rooted in aerodynamic principles, the beautiful form has nothing superfluous about it: immediately and undeniably a McLaren, the new 720S is arguably the most distinctive McLaren yet. 

One of the key points in the design of the car is the absence of radiator intakes on the side of the car; this function is carried out instead by the unique ‘double-skin’ aerodynamic form of the dihedral doors, which channel air to the high-temperature radiators that cool the mid-mounted engine.

The new M480T engine powering the 720S continues the lineage of McLaren’s twin-turbocharged V8 engine series. The 4.0 litre engine generates up to a maximum of 720 bhp. Performance is, as you’d expect, astonishing: standstill to 100km/h (62mph) takes less than 3 seconds and just 5 seconds later the car has passed the 200km/h (124mph) mark on its way to a maximum speed of 341km/h (212mph). Images courtesy of McLaren.