1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Lightweight

In 1972, Porsche breathed new life into the 911 model, which had become somewhat stagnant from a competition standpoint. Starting with the 911 S platform, Weissach’s engineers built a racing homologation special by first lightening the car substantially, removing all soundproofing and comfort features. The rear arches were then flared to accommodate wider tyres on forged alloy Fuchs wheels. Thinner-gauge glass was exchanged for the regular production glass, while the chassis was upgraded and Bilstein gas-pressurised shock absorbers were fitted at all four corners. The finishing touch was an improved version of the classic Porsche flat-six engine, bored to displace just under 2.7 litres. 

The new model won the Group 5 GT Championship in September 1972, and a month later at the Paris Auto Salon was officially introduced as the Carrera RS. Stuttgart planned a minimum of 500 examples to meet homologation requirements, and they quickly sold out during the Paris show. Another 500 examples were soon green-lighted, and the model ultimately proved so popular that 1,525 examples were manufactured by the end of 1973. Approximately 1,308 of these cars were ordered with the Touring package, which essentially added back the 911 S interior niceties that made daily use far more forgiving.

At the other end of the spectrum, 200 examples were produced as pure lightweight racers, which were specified for competition use and completely lacked comfort amenities. A dominant force in Group 3 and 4 competition during 1973, the Carrera RS 2.7 Sport (or Lightweight) eventually became the basis for Norbert Singer’s highly successful RSR race cars. The rare model is now prized by Porsche enthusiasts for its competition mandate, sportier aesthetics, and genetic link to the mighty 934 and 935 race cars that soon followed. 

RM Sotheby's will be offering this example at their upcoming Amelia Island auction on the 11th March, the estimated value is between $800,000 – $1,000,000. For more information on this and other vehicles at the sale, click on the link below. Photos: Darin Schnabel ©2017 Courtesy of RM Sotheby's.