The High Art of Riding Low

The High Art of Riding Low: Ranflas, Corazón e Inspiración examines the diversity and complexity with which 50 artists visualise, celebrate, and interrogate the lowrider car through vehicles, paintings, sculptures, and site-specific installations.

The lowrider (Ranfla) inspires many artists, but it is especially celebrated by Chicano artists throughout the US Southwest. Symbols of cultural pride (Corazón), and icons of everyday life experiences, lowriders also embody the formation of multicultural communities through a passion for a specific form of car customisation. As 'canvases of self-expression,' lowriders serve as the basis of artistic creativity (Inspiración), inspiring generations of artists to engage with their iconography, performativity, and aesthetics.

The High Art of Riding Low is now on at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles until July 2018.