McLaren's Crown Jewels

The long corridor of race trophies is a famous feature of the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking. Less well known is McLaren’s equally stunning collection of original race helmets, worn by some of the most famous drivers in the team’s history.

Beautifully captured by photographer Wilson Hennessy, this selection includes Bruce McLaren, the team’s founder in 1963; Emerson Fittipaldi, 1974-1975; James Hunt, 1976-1978; Gilles Villeneuve, 1977; Alain Prost, 1980, 1984-1989; Ayrton Senna, 1988-1993; Mika Häkkinen, 1993-2001; Nigel Mansell, 1995; Kimi Räikkönen, 2002-2006; Lewis Hamilton, 2007-2012 and Jenson Button, 2010-present.