Rear View Prints

Rear View Prints are the brainchild of Patrick Redmond, a VFX artist from Ireland. Now based in London, when Patrick isn't working on blockbusters like Disney's The Jungle Book or the new Star Trek movie he's busy developing Rear View Prints, an idea he came up with while on the road himself. His prints celebrate the iconic, quirky and classic forms of vehicles we all know and love. From the beautiful 50's American cars of Cuba to Italian classics, from Ferrari Formula 1 cars to the cars of the Batman movies and more. Check the website below for more info on these and other prints available, and with news that a new India and Asia print is in the works, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Rear View Prints have teamed up with Ecurie to offer our readers a 15% discount on prints, so use coupon code bossprints when you make a purchase. Enjoy.