McLaren's Workshop of Wonders

This incredible collection is just a handful of the McLaren P1 GTRs built exclusively for the track. Located close to the McLaren Special Operations and the McLaren GT race team, this recently opened facility is solely dedicated to looking after these track-only models. Here, hand-picked technicians and engineers ready each car for bespoke events at world-class race circuits.

It’s all part of the McLaren P1 GTR Driver Programme, an ownership experience as unique as driving the McLaren P1 GTR itself. Customers don’t just own the fastest and most exciting McLaren this side of their Formula 1 car, but also experience the world of McLaren like few have enjoyed it before.

McLaren P1 GTR customers can even call on the skills of McLaren Design Director Frank Stephenson when creating their own liveries. Some of the cars here have been inspired by other famous motorsport liveries from McLaren F1 GTRs of the 90's. Images courtesy of McLaren Cars.