1985 Porsche 911 F 22 Prototype (Club Sport)

In 1985, Porsche built an experimental model known as '911 F 22, prototype sports package 2'. This prototype would later go on to form the basis of the new Club Sport model. This was a coupé which, according to the specifications, was supposed to be 100 kilograms lighter than the Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 of the time with a 231 bhp engine. And thus a Porsche emerged that, with its scaled-back purity, turned the fascination of the 911 into an unforgettably authentic sportscar experience. It is one of the manufacturer’s great treasures. A unique specimen, it helped Porsche go on to develop a bloodline that included many lightweight 911s right up to and including the modern day RS models.

On the outside, it looks completely different from the later Club Sport model. Visually it aligns much more strongly the Porsche 911 SC RS produced two years previously in a limited run of just 20 vehicles; the series was made for the purposes of homologation for Group B. Instead of the typical G-model bumper, the prototype has its counterpart from the 911 SC RS painted in the vehicle colour; however, at the rear the body of the Club Sport is narrow and without turbo arches. Photos by Stephan Lindloff