Group B 30th Anniversary Box by Ricardo Santos

The legendary Group B rally cars were introduced in 1983, and for three years, it became the greatest chapter of rally racing as fans worldwide were left astonished with the physical demands, breathtaking battles and high drama brought about by the classes’ extreme regulations. This combination of spectacle and danger finally proved to be a fatal mix following the death of Henri Toivonen and the accident at Rally Portugal featuring the RS200 of Joaquim Santos where three spectators were tragically killed in 1986. The FIA had no choice but to ban the class and with it, end rally racing’s golden era.

There is now a beautiful homage to this most exhilarating period of competition, 30 years on from its tragic ending. Portuguese art director and graphic designer Ricardo Santos has released a limited edition artwork package that is a must-have for all the fans who have experienced or dreamt about this astonishing era. Featuring beautifully artistic representations of legendary cars such as the Peugeot 205 T16, Lancia Delta S4, Audi Quattro E2, MG Metro 6R4 and Ford RS200 from the 1986 FIA World Rally Championship season, the Group B 30th Anniversary box is limited to 200 sets with ten illustrations signed and numbered by the artist.